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10,000 Dresses

10,000 Dresses

My friend Marcus Ewert has written an amazing book which is beautifully illustrated by Rex Ray - 10,000 Dresses. It is a children's book about a transgendered girl who dreams of making 10,000 dresses, but is continually told by those around her, 'No, you're a boy, and boys don't make dresses!'

I have to say, this book really made me think! Even though I have known transgendered people, people who just don't identify with the gender that they are born with, it still was a bit of a shock to hear the character refer to herself as a girl when everyone around her only sees her as a boy. But that is the reality for transgendered people, and Marcus has captured it beautifully and simply.

This book will make some parents squirm. And, this book will be a tremendous blessing for those parents who are willing to let their children be accepting of people as they are, rather than as some people might wish them to be. And it will be especially healing for those children who might be dealing with questions of their own gender identity!

Here is an article from PFLAG that I found helpful in my own understanding about transgendered people - even for writing this blog entry: About Our Transgendered Children.
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